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How it works?


This website is completely free for end users to check events, Tamil Businesses, RIP notices, News, within Australia for Tamil Community.



To perform the following:

  1. List your Business
  2. Create an Event
  3. Inform a RIP notice

You must become a Member.

How do I become a Member?

If you are new please click LOGIN from the home page, Click the Register button under New User.


Fill in the details (only e-mail and password), read and accept the terms and conditions, and click "Register". You will be directed to your e-mail account to verify your e-mail address for security purposes. Activate the link and create an account with us. 

a)Once you become a member, you will get an account with us.

b)Members can create RIP notices, Business Listing, or upload their Events details using this one account.

How to List your Business:

Click add Business Listing from your account:

You will be directed to adding a business page. Fill in all the details and click "Update". Once you’ve filled out the page and clicked on the update button, AusTamilNews will verify your details and notify you within 36 hours when your account becomes live

How do I update my information?

You can update your information by logging into your system at any time. Business owners will have full control of their accounts. 

What should I include in the name field?

Your business name should be the actual name of your business. Do not include any extra information in brackets to explain your business.


What category should I place my business in?

Use the category that most closely describes your business. You can choose as many suitable categories as you consider appropriate. To view the range of business categories, go to the AusTamilNews homepage and click the "Category Search" button by using the down arrow key. If you think you cannot list your business under the categories provided, please send us an email [email protected]


I have my business in several different locations. How can I add different locations when adding a business?

Please create another business.    

My business is under new management. The other business owner would like to continue the advertisement with AusTamilNews. What should I do?

Whether you are taking over a business or selling your business, get in touch with us. We can help transfer your account across securely.

I work from home. Do I have to supply my address?

No, we only require your main suburb. If you want, you can also provide a postal and/or street address. 

How do I type my Business address?

  1. If you have a physical location, please enter your physical location
  2. If you have a postal address, please enter your postal address
  3. If you have a mobile business within Queensland, please enter Queensland as your main area
  4. If you cover a particular area please type a main central business location 

How do I provide a link to my business or a PDF file or any other suitable links I have?

Under Details:

To provide a link, click the “link” button.

  1. Click "Target"
  2. Select “New window” from the down arrow
  3. In this case, you will get a pop-up screen of your desired window 
  4. If you have link please copy the link to URL
  5. If you have a file to link click upload
  6. Select Choose file
  7. Select send it to Server
  8. You will get a URL 
  9. Click Ok

Do I have to enter data under “Select Location”?

This is a must! Do not leave this blank.



  1. If you have a physical address, please type the physical address
  2. If you have a postal address, please type the postal address
  3. If you think you are going to serve around the general Brisbane area, type Brisbane (e.g. tradies and mechanics may work in many suburbs)
  4. If you would like to serve a particular area, type your central location you wish to serve

 If you do not have an address at all, then type Queensland (e.g. website developers, e-commerce).

Can I leave the suburb field blank?

Do not leave this blank. Please select the most relevant suburb you serve.

How do I upload images to the gallery?

You can upload up to 9 images. This is the process of adding images:

  1. Click "Add new"
  2. Click on the "Create" button

How do I fill in the features field?

  1. Type in features of your business
  2. You can upload video files, YouTube links, and any other content to make your listing more interesting
  3. If you have a website and you would like to copy those features, just copy and paste or drag the items across

How to link a file:

  1. Click the link button
  2. Display the text you would like your customers to view, and type in your URL
  3. Under "Target", click "New window" (this feature creates a pop-up screen for customers)

Do I have to provide links to all my social media?

Provide all links to your social media, just by copying the relevant URLs. 


If you do not have a particular social link, simply leave the entry blank. 

How do I fill in the category?

Select the categories that your business belongs to. For example, a training organisation should select "Education And Training". 


AusTamilNews will monitor all new businesses? Events, Rip Notices?

Yes, AusTamilNews will monitor all above once it has been added to the system. Any suspicious businesses will be deleted immediately and contact the business owners with the given e-mail address and phone number. 


How do I copy and paste content into the CKEditor 4.5.11?

You can copy and paste in the CKEditor  in two ways.

1) Using CTRL + C in the original document & Ctrl + V in CKEditor  the editor

2) Use the "paste as plain text" button or right-click and then paste.